Forex Black Book Review-Forex Black Book Modules 4 and 5

Forex Black Book Module Four-Common Sense Trading

Forex Black Book could just leave you hanging with the software where you could would blindly follow the color bands, the arrows, and the targets. But there really are some extra tips and tricks that will help you boost your profits.
Here in Module 4, Trading with the Black Book Indicator, you will be provided you some of the key trading rules used, so you can understand how to use this powerful indicator in the most effective and profitable way. That means you’ll take only the very best trade signals, instead of just blindly taking every one of them.

After reviewing this module, you’ll be able to note the signals, use some common sense, factor in some basic support and resistance points, and then execute the trades that have the greatest probability of being big winners.
So the bottom line is, while other systems are complicated and require dozens of trade indicators, confusing you into indecision, Forex Black Book system is extremely simple to understand and follow. You simply look at the trade signals, use a little common sense, and you can be in and out with some good profits.
And so finally, we come to . . .

Forex Black Book Module 5 – Personal Trading Plan

I believe this is one of the most important modules of the entire program. That’s because the key to any successful trading is the money management that goes behind it.If you have the right money management, you can take a strategy that is successful only 10% of the time and still be profitable.
On the other hand, you could have a strategy that is successful 70% of the time, and if your money management approach is not well thought out, you can end up losing money all the time.
So what Dustin has done is to create a blueprint, an outline, for how to set up a personal trading plan. This is what most traders lack when it comes to any strategy.
And the best part is that this trading plan can be applied to any strategy that you are currently using . . . Not just this strategy.
By using these strategies, your financial results should no longer be an issue.

Forex Black Book Software Review

Module 3 – Forex Black Book Software

Now, there’s no way Justin will ever reveal the “secret sauce” behind his method, but he did develop some custom Forex trading software that will allow you to use his method without having to reveal proprietary secrets.

Here’s what this Forex Black Book software does:

  • First, it provides insight into the direction to trade
  • Second, it provides you with the entry signals, and
  • Third, it defines your targets, where you’ll take profits and exit the trade.

Let me show you an example.

Notice this chart on this page.

Down here at the bottom of the chart, you’ll notice these red and green bands. When you see the green band, that means you should only take long trades. And, when you see the red band . . . well, that means you should only take shorts.

Once you have this software installed which is a FREE download, you’ll find this one of the easiest and most profitable trading methods you’ve ever seen.

And in this training module, they will walk you through everything you need to install the software, set it up, and adjust the templates for easy use.

Look at some of the comments and reviews of the Forex Black Book software…

“The software seems to decide everything, current trend of the market, when to enter and most imp when to close.
Good, looking forward for some trail period so that i can do some dry run and hands on myself.”

“is fantastic.
A great way for us who do not have much experience.”

“Hello Dustin
Yours is an excellent Forex Software that goes past hype and actually delivers. Using Micro lots over the past year, my win/loss ratio, using many different strategies was very disheartening $634 down to $524.00. In 24 HRS using your software and strategy my account went from $524.00 to $637.00 and still going up.”

Forex Black Book Review-Forex Black Book Module 1

What is Included In Forex Black Book. A Look At Module One.

In Module One of the new Forex Black Book from Dustin Pass, he will begin with an introduction about the workings of Forex to make sure that everyone has all the basics down.

To be honest looking at the material I have seen so far, the trading strategy is so easy, that you don’t have to know that much about Forex to implement it. Not wanting to make any assumptions about anyone’s current trading knowledge, Justin and his team will make sure you get this introduction to Forex to make sure you have a good foundation.

The Meat of Forex Black Book Module One

First, a little bit of different terms commonly used in Forex trading will get you jump-started on your way.

Forex charts are critical to trading with Forex, and knowing how to use them to accurately track the market will be included in the Forex Black Book Module 1.

So, by the time you’ve finished Module One, you’ll know all the basics you need to know to understand the world of Forex trading.

Next we will look at the remaining modules and the bonuses for Forex Black Book when details become available.

Forex Black Book Module Two Review

Forex Black Book Module 2 – Trading Analysis

This is where the pips hit the road so to speak.
Module Two will:
•    turn you into a profitable Forex trader,
•    show you how to turn this into a long-term, sustainable business, and ultimately,
•    give you the tools that will enable you to live the life you really want.

Isn’t that what everyone wants?
There are a ton of other trading strategies, and the gurus that sell it to you make it cut and dry, and they say all you have to do is to follow their lead which is not always right for you.
We want to take another approach.
The reality is you should never rely on a system that blindly tells you when to buy and sell.
Forex Black Book will educate you. You will understand HOW to trade, and that’s why Dustin will make sure you know how to analyze the market.
He wants to make sure you know the proper way . . .
•    to identify support and resistance,
•    to use Fibonacci’s properly (Critical),
•    to identify trend lines,
•    to know whether a market is ranging vs. trending
The strategy may be cut-and-dry, there is much more to trading like a professional trader.

So What Does Module Two of Forex Black Book Do For You?

You will learn in FX Black Book that as professional trader you are never going to take a signal at face value and just go with it.
You will gain the understanding to use your personal experience and overall understanding of the market before pulling the trigger.
So, although you probably could just blindly apply these indicators when it says to buy or sell, it’s the goal of Forex Black Book that you should have a deeper understanding of the market.
The goal is to get you to be a successful and self-sufficient trader and  have the key skills to make profitable trading decisions.

Up next we will review the Forex Black Book software and how it will be your ‘secret sauce‘ to profitable trading.